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  • Where can I download the Nomad Workout app?
    As of our launch, the Nomad Workout App is only available for download on the Apple App Store. But don't worry! We're making moves to have it available on Google Play
  • I have a request for something I'd like to see on the app. Where can I submit it?
    We LOVE suggestions! Feel free to send any app issues or requests you'd like to see in future updates through the Report A Problem form!
  • I have a specific fitness goal. Will the Nomad Workout app help me reach it?
    The Nomad Workout is here to help you reach your fitness goals - no matter what they are! This is why our app is completely customizable to your skill level, your objective, the type of movement, and the "equipment" you have on hand...even if you don't have any! We've included over 600 videos: so your workout can be customized to fit your goal. While any type of physical activity has countless health benefits, combining your workouts with an appropriate, healthy diet is key to seeing the results you'd like. We recommend consulting with your doctor or a nutritionist to understand what foods may be most beneficial for you.
  • I live in LA and I noticed there's a Nomad Gym here. Is there any relation?
    As a matter of fact...yes! Our LA-based gym, The Nomad Gym, is the root of the Nomad Workout app. If you're interested in checking out our gym, head over to to receive a free week of group training or a free 1-on-1 consultation for private training!


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